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According to the  articles 6-III and 19 from the french law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, known as the L.C.E.N., we bring to the attention of users and visitors to the site the following information:

1. legal informations :

The owner is Marie-Claire MERCIER Located at LES EYDIEUX 63410 SAINT-ANGEL 63410 SAINT-ANGEL The website has been created by Vingt Deux, communication agency. Publisher: Marie Claire Mercier Contact the owner of the website: Hosting: IONOS 7 PL DE LA GARE 57200 Clermont-Ferrand

2. Presentation:

Is designated hereafter: User, any Internet user connecting to and using the above-mentioned site: The site includes a set of services, as is, made available to users. It is hereby specified that users must remain courteous and show good faith towards both other users and the webmaster of the site The is regularly updated by Vingt Deux. Marie-Claire MERCIER makes every effort to provide the most accurate information possible on the site (subject to changes made since it was put online), but cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information published on its site, whether it is its own doing or that of third-party partners who provide this information. Consequently, the user acknowledges that he/she uses this information (which is indicative, non-exhaustive and liable to change) under his/her sole responsibility.

3. Accessibility: The site is accessible  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of interruption, whether scheduled or not, for maintenance purposes or in the event of force majeure. In the event that access to the service is not possible, undertakes to do its utmost to re-establish access to the service and will endeavour to inform users in advance of the dates and times of the intervention.  Being subject only to an obligation of means, shall not be held responsible for any damage, of whatever nature, resulting from the unavailability of the service.

4. Intellectual property

The Website and each of its component parts may contain confidential information or information protected by legislation governing intellectual property or any other applicable laws. Unless stipulated otherwise, intellectual property rights relating to Content are the sole property of the Les Eydieux, the latter granting no licences or any rights other than the right to visit the Website. Users are prohibited from copying, modifying, creating derivative works, assembling, decompiling, assigning, sub-licensing or transferring, in any way whatsoever, any component part of the Content or the Website. Reproduction of all or some of the Content published on the Website is only authorized for personal and private use, any reproduction and any use of copies of the Content undertaken for other purposes, in any way whatsoever and in any form whatsoever, being expressly prohibited.

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6. Liability En France, les données personnelles sont notamment protégées par la loi n° 78-87 du 6 janvier 1978, la loi n° 2004-801 du 6 août 2004, l’article L. 226-13 du Code pénal et la Directive Européenne du 24 octobre 1995.

Les Eydieux will endeavour to guarantee, to the best of its ability, the accuracy and updating of information published on the Website. Les Eydieux reserves the right to modify the Content of the Website, at any time and without prior notice. However, Les Eydieux is unable to guarantee the accuracy, detail or completeness of the Content available on the Website and invites Users to contact Les Eydieux directly.

Les Eydieux may need to collect personal data from any person (referred to hereinafter as the “User”) putting a question to Les Eydieux via the Website’s”Contact” menu or reserving a hotel room online. Collection and processing of personal data transmitted by the User to Les Eydieux via the “Contact” menu or when reserving a hotel room online are governed by the provisions of Law no. 78-17 the Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978 (modified).

The User has a right to access, correct and delete personal information relating to him/her, as well as the option to object to the processing of his/her data, which he/she may exercise at any time by sending a letter to the following address: