Healthy living and eating are the order of the day off the beaten track in central France, from homemade apple juice to Ayurvedic massage. Come discover our isolated hamlet, at the end of a cul-de-sac, nestled in the hills halfway between rivers and volcanoes. Enjoy a taste of nature!




Who are we?

We live here since 1996, in this beautiful area of the Combrailles d’Auvergne. This is where,  at the northern tip of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park, we raised our four boys. Particularly attached to our convictions and our rural origins from other regions (Poitou and Berry), it is very naturally that we set up the tourist accommodation activity, our desire being to share with a greater number of people the quality of life in which we were already involving our loved ones, while preserving the calm of the place. Our choice remained on a small structure to be able to continue to advocate these advantages: tranquillity, sharing, exchanges.




Our values at Suites de Campagne

Activités enfants campagne


Reconnecting with nature, enjoying simple pleasures such as walking on the grass barefoot, learning about botany or watching the stars.

Développement Durable

sustainable development

From using neutral materials in renovation of the traditional farmhouse to a locavore philosophy in food, our approach is in line with sustainable nature and quality

sustainable tourism

Preserve nature while discovering it, respect the local ecosystems

At the northern tip of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park, Les Eydieux is an isolated hamlet between rivers and volcanoes on the borders of a dead end. An ideal address for a country escape... Lovely garden. The suites are self-contained, giving onto the garden and are situated in the converted outbuilding of this traditional renovated farmhouse. A harmony of charm, authenticity and design, they are conducive to pampering and relaxing with either the balneo bath in one or the hamam in the other. Homemade jams accompany the tasty country-style bread at breakfast, served on the private terraces of the rooms or in the conservatory, depending on the weather. An easygoing, friendly welcome. .

Sustainable development... is a concept, a policy, a development model. It is therefore difficult to relate it to a product! It must be put into perspective. We are not "sustainable development" by nature, we contribute to it!

Introducing the concept

Guest house - Suites de Campagne - Les Eydieux




Sustainable development

We have been awarded Clef Verte!

What we perceive as obvious in our way of life is not shared by the majority of people, in reality! We therefore felt it was necessary to communicate on our approach and our environmental practices.

« SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT... is a concept, a policy, a development model. It is therefore difficult to relate it to a product! It must be put into perspective. We are not "sustainable development", we contribute to it.


Sustainable development aims to establish a coherent and viable long-term balance between three pillars: economic development, environmental preservation and social progress.

1. To make optimum use of the environmental resources that are a key element of tourism development, preserving essential ecological processes and helping to safeguard natural resources and biodiversity;

2. 2. Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserve their built and living cultural assets and traditional values and contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance

. 3. To ensure long-term sustainable economic activity with equitably distributed socio-economic benefits for all stakeholders, including stable employment, profit opportunities and social services for host communities, and thus contributing to poverty reduction."

It is a matter of course and instinct that we strive to contribute to sustainable development:

From the beginning :

  • For the restoration of our buildings, we use wood from the surrounding sawmills and local stone (Volvic stone). The renovation of the buildings was carried out by ourselves and local craftsmen; all the wood and materials were sourced locally…
  • In a concern of authenticity by keeping the original character of use, the Poulailler and the Pigeonnier bring to our guests all the possible comfort.
  • For the well-being of our guests, the Hammam and the Bubble Bath are private, the natural ayurvedic treatments are on reservation and are given in the Suites; the Suites being independent from each other (separate buildings) and from our House, the freedom of coming and going is an additional pleasure.
  • As far as the products served for breakfast are concerned, they are as short a circuit as possible and we promote them to our guests.
  • All local activities are promoted and we also recommend the surrounding restaurants.
  • In order to welcome a large public: couples, families… the Suites can accommodate from 1 to 5 people.
  • All our activities are designed to have a minimum environmental footprint (water management with taps all equipped with aerators; heat management with heating and DHW by a centralized wood chip boiler; management of green spaces, composting and gardening; waste sorting; targeted and responsible purchasing; certified cleaning and hygiene products; LED lighting; promotion of local producers; “local discovery” activities in the proposed stays (Well-being; Gathering and cooking of wild plants; Climbing in the trees); Tourism in search of a sense of exchange and welcome with an awareness of our guests to the problems of sustainability by proposing to them to adopt responsible behaviour without forgetting.

Les Eydieux is one of the first two Nattitude accommodations, an initiative set up by the Auvergne Region; this network of excellence, a source of emulation for the region, encourages exchanges between hotel, gîte, campsite and B&B operators, and offers concrete tools and innovative solutions;

We reduce our environmental impact on the entire tourist structure: catering, laundry, green spaces, cleaning of rooms and common areas…

by limiting energy and water consumption (taps equipped with aerators, LED lighting, signs in toilets and bathrooms)

by limiting the production of waste (oral explanation and signs for compost and waste sorting); no phytosanitary products are used; all weeding of the paths is done by hand; the compost is reused in the vegetable garden, which follows the permaculture principle.

by promoting the use of renewable resources (production of heat and DHW by centralized heating from shredded wood, designed and installed by L.E.Energie, a local company) and substances that are not dangerous for the environment (certified cleaning and hygiene products)

by communicating with our guests and through environmental education activities

Because for us, the environment, its respect and its preservation, contributes to the well being of the human being, we propose other activities: Gathering and Cooking of wild plants, Climbing in the trees, Family products with ethology around the donkey, magic forest and breathing, Ayurveda, Qi Gong…. as well as the discovery of the Territory under a “slow” mode in 2CV with a locavore picnic, in electrically-assisted mountain bike (VAE)…

The Impacts that we hope to achieve are the attractiveness of what we propose by raising awareness of SD, the rediscovery of our clients of simplicity, naturalness (herbal teas, edible plants, escapade in 2CV, ….) and rejuvenation (Ayurveda, Qi Gong…)

The mobilisation of our partners is a synergy between all these local actors, whether they are producers, restaurateurs, tourism professionals (OT, CRT…), other accommodation providers, promotional agencies….. to give our visitors a sustainable rural experience, full of discoveries and exchanges.

We have set up with the local producer Cécilie des “Belles de Savon” guest soaps, without packaging and with a precise weight so as not to produce additional waste and to avoid wastage…

We also work with a work reintegration laundry for some of the bed linen

For the management of green spaces, composting, gardening, no phytosanitary products are used; all weeding of the paths is done by hand, the compost is reused in the vegetable garden which follows the permaculture principle.

Purchases are made in a reasoned manner: “all that is necessary and just what is necessary” and as much as possible from local producers.

We value and promote local producers by using their products and proposing to our guests to discover them on their own premises.

We offer a tourism that seeks meaning and exchange with a warm and personal welcome; we make our guests aware of the importance of offering them the most enriching and satisfying experience possible; this is also a major challenge of sustainable tourism; it must also allow travellers to become aware of the problems of sustainability by proposing solutions to adopt responsible behaviour.